On Valentine’s Day, Yokohama Arena welcomed the semi-annual fashion event Tokyo Runway to present its show for the Spring Summer 2015 season.

This apparel trade show was used to be named “Kobe Collection in Tokyo” and renamed it to “Tokyo Runway” in 2012, which was Kobe Collection’s 10th anniversary. Since it’s renamed, Tokyo Runway unveiled as one of the best “real clothes (fashionable, but affordable streetwear) fashion show”. Hundreds of top models and popular TV talents grace the runway dressing over 30 brands.


Some of you might not be familiar with this kind of huge fashion events such as Tokyo Runway, Tokyo Girls Collection or Girls Award. Japanese fashion apparel industry has created its own way to promote fashion brands to young people by organizing shows that casts celebrities and performances in gigantic venues. There, you can visit a lot of different corners, from makeup brand to nail salon, hair salon or food company, and received many free samples. You will also get the chance to take pictures with popular models.

Everybody can enjoy Tokyo Runway: even if you are not into fashion, it is a show which mixes music performances, dance performances, entertaining, fashion shows from various brands. Nothing compares to fashion week where models walk like robots, though. On Tokyo Runway, fans come to support their favorite models and enjoy the moment with them.

The main point of going to event like Tokyo Runway is that you will see “real fashion“ with “real people“. As a matter of fact, the clothes you are seeing on the show are available at affordable price in shops all over Japan. Besides, young girls who come to the event are always very fashionable too and take example from popular models. They are not anonymous professionals but magazine models (dokusha model) with their own style and identity. Make-up and hair are also very important; the styling is as close as it can be to the latest trends in Tokyo streets.

For the first time, this February, Tokyo Runway will be at New York Fashion Week with brands like Fig&Viper.
And of course, if you are in Tokyo for the next Tokyo Runway or for Kobe Collection, don’t hesitate to buy tickets!

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