Who to follow on social networks to be trendy?


You dream all to put a foot in Harajuku, the holy place of fashionistas in Tokyo, but do you know who are the key figures of Japanese fashion?
In this first part, drop your eternal (yes, let’s say it) images « clichés » of lolitas and decoras for the current real trend of Harajuku.
Follow the next celebrities to miss nothing!

Peco & Ryuchell

Instagram : @pecotecooo | @ryuzi33world929 Twitter : @pecotecooo | @RYUZi33WORLD929

Okuhira Tetsuko aka Peco and Higa Ryuji aka Ryuchell (pronounced Ryucheru) is the inescapable couple of the moment! Recently married, the 22 and 21 years old couple seduced the fashionistas of all Japan thanks to their colored looks inspired of the 80s and 90’s. Previously sellers in Takeshita Dori, they appear very regularly on television and work as model for diverse magazines. Peco also owns her own brand called “Peco Club” with whom she hopes to seduce more and more people in their style. With more than 1 million of followers on their respective accounts, it’s impossible to miss them!

Nicorun & Michopa

Instagram : @ 2525nicole2 | @michopa1030 Twitter : @0220nicole | @michopaaaaa

Fujita Nicole – 19 years (from a Japanese mother and Russian-Polish father) and Miyuu Ikeda – 18 years are two girls who won auditions for several magazines. Today, they are great friends and models for the famous magazine “Popteen”. They knew how to stand out in the audience’s eyes thanks to their “Neo-Gyaru” style while they were only at high school. Nicorun is the “baka-kawaii-gyaru” genre which means that even if she is “stupid”, she is cute at the same time. Michopa on her side, is getting closer to “traditional” Gyaru: clear hair, long decorated nails and some little more grown-up clothes.
Big examples of fashion for all schoolgirls, they often appear on television in advertisement and they even released a single for Nicole and a photobook for Miyuu.


Instagram : @rinrindoll Twitter : @RinRin_Doll

From Los Angeles, RinRinDoll settled down in Japan where she became a model and quickly was noticed thanks to her clothing style, her make-up knowledge and her black long hair strewed with color. She is a follower of the traditional lolita style but she doesn’t hesitate to break the codes to adapt herself to the changing fashion. She calls that “Neo-Lolita”. RinRinDoll is fluent in English and shares her passion for the fashion on her YouTube channel but also by going to several events around the world about the Japanese fashion.
She knew how to impose herself in Harajuku although she is not Japanese and everybody admires her style sense. A real chameleon!

Kondo Yodhi

Instagram: @kondoyohdi Twitter : @yohdiworld

Because this is not only for the girls! Kondo Yodhi is a “genderless”, what means that he advocates a unisex clothing style. He won an audition of the famous brand “WEGO” in 2011 and since his popularity can’t stop increasing. For many, he embodies the perfect “Harajuku-Kei”: unisex Clothes, perfectly manicured nails, make-up and haircut. 2015 was the year of challenge for him because he began his singer career with record company “avex trax” and launched his own brand named “DING” with the genderless concept of course but also for “the children who do not want to become adults”. He is also a model for diverse magazines and began a YouTube Channel in 2016.

Ohkura Shimon

Instagram : @shimonsmile Twitter : @shimonsmile

Finally, Shimon became a model for the magazine “Popteen” next of his big friend Yodhi and began his career in 2014. He quickly hits up in the Japanese charts to such an extent he was at the end of the year 4th in the rank of the most quickly-followed celebrities on Twitter. He also began an actor career in 2015 and since chains the roles in diverse movies and dramas, passing through the serious dramatic movie to the classic high-school romance.
24-year-old, his childish face seduces more and more public who sees him regularly on television, in advertisements and of course magazines. With more than 431,000 followers on Twitter and 65,000 on Instagram, he is one of the most followed young men on social networks in all the country.

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