A cosmetic brand “WHOMEE” produced by popular hair and makeup artist Igorisynove was launched last month !

With the feeling that Igori says “I want you to trust more cosmetics”. Here are all of their releases !

A “Cushion UV Pact” sunscreen that puts a feeling of transparency while caring for the skin, a “color control base” color base that brings the basic transparency of a dry skin,.

The powder activate the natural bright of your skin and the transparent liquid foundation with its spongy texture “gives a “multi-mist oiled” feeling.

Also available “Multi Lip Balm” and a base.

For color items, you can enjoy a bitter texture with 2 items of carefully selected “lipstick” girls, “cheeks, bases, sweets for eyes”, which can also be used for eye color, etc. In addition, “Make brush”, which performs the Igori technique, is a handmade Kumano brush, one by one, by artisans. M for foundation, S for use on lips, expansion of 2 sizes.

Color development and texture to bring beauty to the skin, Japanese texture and how to use Igori’s exclusive mood line for freely available multi-use items.
As a skin care, it also has the effect of protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays and air pollution.
In more than ever, enjoy Igori make-up.

Released Date: 2018 February 20th

Phu My color control base (makeup base) 15g all four colors – 1,800 yen
Phu My cushion UV Pouch (sunscreen, makeup base) 12g – 2,300 yen
Phu My Concealer (corrective) All two colors – 2,000 yen
Phu My highlight powder (face powder) – 1,800 yen
Phu My liquid foundation (foundation) 30ml all two-color – 2,500 yen
Phu My face powder (face powder) – 1,800 yen
Phu My multi-oil mist (lotion) 120ml – 1,800 yen
Phu My various lip balm (hand cream lip cream) – 1,600 yen
Phu My lipstick 5 colors – 1,500 yen
Phu My various glow stick (cheek color face color of the lips) all four colors – 1,800 yen
Phu brush My make-up M Kumano brush (foundation) –  2,800 yen
Phu My makeup brush S Kumano brush (LIP) – 1,800 yen

WHOMEE official website

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